Meet Selena

"I have spent my life in the service of others, primarily as a teacher and champion for kids and our public schools"

Meet Selena

Selena was born in Reno as a fourth-generation Nevadan and grew up on a cattle ranch near Pyramid Lake. Her playground was a wide-open field of alfalfa and wildflowers; to this day, Selena’s deep love for nature and the environment remains with her.

Growing up, Selena’s grandmother taught her the value of service to her community. Selena’s grandmother operated an in-home daycare for children of first responders and Selena helped her care for those children before she was even out of elementary school. It was in her grandmother’s home that Selena found her love of helping children learn and grow. Selena’s grandmother taught her that even the smallest actions can make the world of difference in the life of a child and that those actions which serve another are the ones that bring the most fulfillment in life. 

Selena has always endeavored to follow in her footsteps and live a life of service. That’s how she knew she was destined to be a teacher. Selena started by teaching the children in her grandmother’s daycare, then tutored her classmates through school, and by high school was involved in just about every service organization she could join. In her words, “I have always wanted to make a positive impact on my community and have dedicated my life to helping those around me.”

 Selena moved away for college and attained a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a minor in political science, from Boston University, but she never lost her calling to service. All through college she tutored other students, worked on political campaigns, like Obama for America, and volunteered for non-profits like the Alzheimer’s Association and March of Dimes.  After college Selena decided to return home to Reno in order to give back to the community that raised her. Shortly after her return, she enrolled at the University of Nevada to earn her teaching credential and Master of Education degree.

Today Selena lives in Northwest Reno with her husband Stephen, their daughter Abigail, and their dogs Luna and Freya. She has spent nearly a decade teaching underprivileged children in Washoe County School District, first at Hug High School and now at North Valleys High School. Selena believes that education is the only way we can truly change the world and is proud to help shape the next generation to be thoughtful, empathetic, and empowered leaders in our world.

The realities of what educators have faced over the last several years inspired Selena to serve her community in another way – in the Nevada State Assembly. Selena was first elected as the Assemblymember for District 25 in 2022 and served in the Nevada Legislature for one regular and two special sessions. In her first regular session, she sponsored bills to improve the learning and working conditions in Nevada schools, address climate change, and protect the basic rights of all Nevadans. As an Assemblymember and classroom teacher, she has always been a fierce advocate for her community and fights every day to ensure that her constituents are heard in the halls of power.

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