Education is the Future

Education is the Future

Fourth Grade Proficiency

% of students meeting standard (2)


National Rankings

#44 Spending per student

#40 in Education outcomes

#50 in ACT scores with an average of 17.6 

#1 for largest class size.


What do we need to do?

Increase funding to the national average. Our children deserve better than last place in funding and the future of our community depends on the quality of their education.

Implement hard caps on class sizes to ensure our children are getting the one-on-one instruction they deserve. No more classes of 45 students.

Ensure that Nevada diplomas mean something. We cannot keep passing students along regardless of whether they are prepared for success in life.

Ensure that all education personnel — from teachers to bus drivers — are paid a living wage in line with their training and education. We cannot keep losing quality educators to the private sector because we refuse to compensate them adequately.

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It's time we elect a teacher to fix our schools!

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