For Future Generations.

For Future Generations.

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge facing Nevada right now. We have gotten to the point where our skies are darkened for most of the summer due to wildfires and we are quickly running out of water due to our increasingly smaller snowpack and higher temperatures each year. We cannot continue on this path. But we don’t have to sit by helplessly as we watch climate change wreak havoc on our communities.

What we need to do!

Reduce vehicle emissions by investing in infrastructure projects to expand the use of rail for commercial freight while also building commuter rails to reduce traffic congestion.

Create a program to train farmers and ranchers in regenerative agricultural practices, which can help to reverse climate change, and offer support and incentives for them to make the transition.

Expand our use of renewable energy across the state while investing in electric vehicle infrastructure in order to meet our goal of zero greenhouse emissions by 2050.

Protect Our Natural Resources

Elect leaders like Selena who will protect our natural resources for future generations. 

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