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State Assembly

State Assembly

What is it?

The Nevada Legislature is bicameral, meaning that it has two houses: the Assembly and the Senate. The Legislature’s job is to create laws and create the state’s budget through the setting and spending of tax revenue. The two houses work together throughout this process and send final bills to the governor who signs them into law.




What happens during the legislative session?

During the Legislative Session, members are engaged in a variety of activities related to passing laws and overseeing state agencies, regulations, and courts. Assembly members also serve on committees that provide government oversight and play a role in the process of bringing a bill to the Assembly floor for a vote. A bill (which is a new proposed law) must pass out of committee first, then it must be approved by the house in which it originated. Then it repeats the process in the other house and is sent to the governor for approval.

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How do I know what bills are being considered by the legislature?

The Legislative Council Bureau has created a website where you can see all the bills that are being considered by the legislature. It includes the bill text, summary, who is sponsoring the bill, amendments, testimony in support or opposition, and vote tallies for the bill. It also includes information about which committees are considering the bill and when they are meeting so you can watch or participate if you so choose.

How can I influence the lawmaking process?

You can contact your Assemblymember or senator to let them know your position on a bill. You can also attend the hearings when the bill is being considered and give public comment on the bill as well.

Besides making laws, do Assembly members do anything else?

In addition to creating laws, Assembly members work to help their constituents with certain types of problems (“constituent services”). For example, accessing government services, solving problems within the community, or getting information about state laws and programs. They also seek input from constituents on laws they would like to see passed or changed. If you are looking for assistance check out our resources page. 

What is a part-time legislature?

The State Assembly consists of 42 part-time representatives from across the state of Nevada. The idea behind a part-time Legislature is that we want to ensure elected representatives remain close to their districts and communities. As such, they work for only part of the year. The state government is also biennial, meaning that it meets only 1 time every 2 years for 120 consecutive days. 

Under special circumstances, the Legislature may meet for a special session. These are typically to respond to an important concern that cannot wait for the next session. A special session may be called by the governor or by 2/3 agreement of the Assembly and Senate without the governor’s approval. 

How much are Assemblymembers paid?

Assembly members and State Senators are paid $166.44 per day for the first 60 days of the 120 day session. They do not receive a paycheck for the second half of session. They are paid $157 per day for meals, lodging, and expenses while they are in session as most legislators must live away from home in order to legislate in Carson. This per diem is paid every day of the 120 day session.

$166.44/ per day for the first 60 days.

$157 per day for meals and travel to the capital.

How long does an Assembly member serve?

A State Assemblymember is elected for a term of two years. Term limits mean that an Assemblymember may only serve for 12 years before they are termed out.

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