Current Legislation

This bill would phase out the sale of fluorescent lamps in Nevada by 2025. Fluorescent lamps contain high amounts of mercury which pose serious health threats to our community, especially when they are not disposed of properly. Further, fluorescent lamps require a significant amount of energy as opposed to LED alternatives, which means this switch would help us reduce our carbon footprint. Finally, LED lamps are much more cost effective and represent significant cost savings for Nevada consumers.

In increasingly diverse and interconnected world, we must prepare our students to succeed in a global economy. To meet that aim, this bill would make Geography a required course for High School graduation. Currently students in High School have one year to learn the entire history of the world, which is clearly not enough. Geography would allow them to learn about modern issues and cultures so they are better prepared for success in today’s society.

This bill is meant to reduce the bureaucratic burden on our educators while also making our diplomas more meaningful. It eliminates Student Learning Objectives/Goals, which take hours to complete, so that teachers can focus their time on actually educating our students. It also replaces the ACT as a high school exit exam with an assessment in reading, writing, and math that is created by Nevada teachers with community input. Unlike the ACT, students would actually have to pass this test to graduate. This will ensure that students demonstrate the necessary skills for success before graduating with a Nevada diploma.

Right now corporations are making billions of dollars in profit from tracking Nevadans and invading our privacy to an unacceptable degree. This bill aims to disincentivize that practice and protect our digital privacy by making it more difficult for companies to harvest and profit off of your digital data.

Regenerative agriculture has a myriad of benefits, from increasing the healthful qualities of our food to decreasing the amount of water required for irrigation to increasing the amount carbon that can be sequestered in our soil to help reverse climate change. This bill seeks to boost regenerative practices in Nevada by creating a Healthy Soils initiative in our state. This initiative would provide education and assistance to farmers and ranchers who would like to make the switch to regenerative practices.